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I came to ProHealth & Wellness with a severely deteriorated spine, hoping to take advantage of their laser treatment and Dr. Clare's skill with the ProAdjuster.  Eight years of chiropractic care in two other offices had helped me maintain minimum mobility, but I was still unable to work, and going downhill fast.  Walking was poor and I often had double vision when I looked to the left.  Driving was unsafe because of my inability to turn my head properly and the need to have my neck supported continuously.

Examination showed at least four discs completely gone, two bulging discs, multiple subluxations, and high levels of inflammation, especially in my neck.  I felt hopeless.

The laser has offered wonderful pain relief and greatly reduced the inflammation.  Treatments with the ProAdjuster are comfortable and effective.  In less than four months I began to walk freely and without pain.  Getting in and out of the car is easier now.  My vision is better and my balance is improving.  And I'm just getting started!  My hope for a  productive future has been restored.

The staff at ProHealth & Wellness is friendly and courteous, making every effort to help me feel at home and cater to my indivdual needs.  Dr. Clare is warm and caring, always willing to listen, even with his busy schedule.  I have used three other chiropractors, and as far as I am concerned, his skill is unmatched.  He has been able to address alignment problems in my spine that were previously immovable.

It is not an exaggeration to say that ProHealth & Wellness is in the process of giving my my life back. 

-Diane H.

­I was one of those people who did not believe in chiropractic care and was afraid of it until I saw a friend of mine get help with her back, and still was afraid to really give it a chance.  About 2 years ago my rheumatoid arthritis became severe to the point I was bent over on a cane, could barely walk, every move was not just painful, but felt completely locked up, I finally decided to give Dr. Clare a chance because the medicines weren't helpin either.  After just one week the difference was amazing, then after a month I got rid of the cane.  I didn't need it anymore, I stood taller, walked with more ease, and I hurt less.  I was so thankful that God gave me the courage to give chiropractic care a chance, because it has changed my life.  My rheumatoid arthritis will always be an existing presence in my life, but I now have an alternative answer to just a life full of drugs.  I can breathe better and I also started loosing weight as I continued treatments.  I now come as I need to and can know almost instantly when I need to come in for treatment.  Chiropractic care has kept me away from surgery as well.  The people here have always been very caring and kind to me no matter what.  Dr. Clare has always made me feel like helping me feel better is his biggest goal, and I've seen his other patients feel the same way here.  It's hard to believe I was a non-believer in this, and now know I will continue this as long as I live, and happily tell others of it's wonderful benefits.

- Laura B.

It was my pleasure visiting Dr. Clare's office, not only was the staff pleasant but Dr. Clare was always in a good mood.  I have back trouble (lower back) and the adjustments he gave were different then any other chiropractors ever had given me.  They were more bearable and not painful and I always came out of there feeling so rejuvenated.  I would recommend his office to anyone and everyone who may have similar trouble or any other problems.  He would always find the problem spot.  All I can say now that I'm moving out of town is God bless him in his practice and thank him for what he has done for me over the years. -Dora T.

Shortly after arriving in Charlotte on a flight from Kansas City, I experienced a pain in my back,  my right foot seemed to drop and my toes on my right foot were frozen.  I contacted a spine doctor in Charlotte, had x-rays taken, a MRI and he determined that I had a pinched nerve.  He recommended that I have a brace made for my right foot and leg.  The doctor called the problem a "drop foot."  My wife was praying about my problem; also the brace.  Would it be able to heal my leg?  The thought came to her of a friend who practices Reflexology. While taking one of the treatments, which helped a great deal; this person mentioned a Chiropractor that she was seeing and recommended him highly.  I made an appointment with Dr. Clare.  He and his staff were very cordial and explicit.  After my initial exam the Dr. Clare showed me the x-ray and pointed out the pinched nerve.  He started treatment and after the second week I was able to discard the brace and haven't worn it since.  My muscle in my right leg had gotton a great deal stronger and I'm able to move my toes.  I'm walking without my leg dropping and getting stronger all the time.  Praise the Lord! 

-Tom N.

Prior to entering ProHealth & Wellness, I had very bad pain in my leg, lower back, and foot due to sciatica.  Dr. Clare was very thorough and explained all the facets of the treatments and answered all my questions prior to beginning any treatments.  That was especially helpful to me since I had not had chiropractic treatments before.  Now I feel great and only have pain every once in a while which is alleviated by weekly treatments in the wellness program.  -Danielle B.

Both of my hands began becoming  numb and sometimes having horrible pain in my palms, usually at night.  A nerve conduction test showed severe nerve damage in my right hand and moderate in my left.  I went ahead and had the carpel tunnel surgery on my right wrist.  Dr. Clare told me he could actually do adjustments on my arm and wrist!  So he started adjustments and within several weeks the hand was no longer painful or numb.  My orthopedist told me to call him to schedule the other surgery, and I never did!  That was in 2004, and both hands are great!  I had no idea that chiropractic could rescue me from carpel tunnel surgery.

- Gail V.

My name is Hannah, and I have been coming to ProHealth & Wellness since I was in the 2nd grade.  My mom has been coming here for almost 12 years!  A kid at my school, pushed me down making my back hurt.  My mom took me to Dr. Clare who determined the problem.  Both my back and neck were out of alignment.  I was really scared.  Dr. Clare and all his staff were really nice though!  For almost four years, I have been coming to ProHealth & Wellness!  Now my back doesn't hurt as bad, and that make me happy!  I am very glad my mom took me to ProHealth & Wellness.  Without it, I might not be where I am today. 

-Hannah M. (age 11)

When I moved to Charlotte, I never thought I would find a Chiropractor as good as the one I had in Florida.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Dr. Clare has a wonderful bedside manner and my daughter and I enjoy our visits.  She plays tennis and comes for a "Pro-Adjustment" when her shoulder gets stressed.  I've had chronic neck and pack pain for years, however since I've been coming here, I rarely feel it.  The minute I feel a twitch, I come and Dr. Clare works his miracle with "Pro-Adjuster". It really works without all that pain.  I never realized how having your spine out of alignment would cause different health problems.  I would much prefer to keep my back and spine in good shape (by making visits whenever I feel any pain, or unusual symptoms) I'm a big believer in Chiropractic.  But I'm especially fond of Pro-Adjuster and Dr. Clare.  They Rock!!  

-Stacey L.


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