Back Problems

Who Gets Backaches?
More people visit the doctor for back pain than for any other ailment except colds and sore throats.  People who get backaches are people who:
*sit or bend a lot.
*lift or carry things incorrectly.back
*are overweight.
*are inactive
*are under stress
*have poor posture.
*play sports.
Causes of Back Pain
*Wear and Tear
*Poor posture, lack of exercise, excess weight
*Ruptured or herniated disc
*Back sprains
*Stress and fatigue
What you can do to Prevent Back Pain
*Practice proper body mechanics and posture
*Use chairs that offer lumbar support and adjustable height
*Learn the basics of safe lifting: bend your knees stay close to the load; avoid twisting;       get help with large or awkward loads.
*Maintain a healthy weight.
*Get regular exercise (at least 30 minutes every other day)
*Keep your three natural curves in balanced when sitting, standing, lifting or lying down.
*Stretch and warm up before exercising.
*Gradually add strength training exercises to your routine.
*Do only bent-leg sit-ups.
Back Alert
Although most back pain is caused by muscle strains or sprains, overuse or muscular tension brought on by stress, it can be a symptom of a more serious problem.  Call your healthcare professional if you experience:
*you have back pain that radiates down your leg.
*you have numbness, tingling or shooting pain in your arms, legs or buttocks.
*your legs feel weak so that you can’t raise up on your toes or heels.
*you urinate frequently or lose bowel or bladder control.
*you have pain in any part of your spine after an accident or other trauma.
*your backache is so sever it keeps you awake at night.
*you have chills or fever.